Chi siamo

My name is Raffaella and I start to live in this property bought by my husband’s family in 1996. At that time I was working as micropaleontology at the Perugia University . I liked the research, but unfortunately the opportunity to carry out this work in Italy were few so I left  and changed life.

Together with my husband Roberto (a geologist but now musician) I opened this farm and created a magnificent environment, where I give birth and raise my children.

Around this small and magical environment I cultivated my passions mainly regarding food, traditions and relationships. I love cooking, I love to feed my guests, reviving old traditions through the flavors and therefore the memories. And above all, I love to share all this with new and old friends that spent their time in the farm.

My husband Roberto is a musician (saxophonist), counselor and teacher of singing. You will hear him ofteo to play during your relaxing afternoons by the pool. All my guests love his music. I have two kids Rocco and Anna we introduced both to music and the kitchen.

The family is completed with 5 beautiful cats, the real farm owners, and a sweet little dog  I found abandoned some years ago that has become my shadow.

pets welcome

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